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Mobility Voucher Program

The goal of Mobility Voucher Program is to improve access to crucial goods and services in our communities. The program provides vouchers reimbursing drivers $0.60 a mile for approved trips making them more affordable for qualified individuals.

Individual Qualifications:

  • Senior, individual with a disability, or low-income individual.

  • Resident of Box Elder, Cache, or Rich County.

  • CVTD or UTA bus services cannot be used because:

    • Individual lives outside of the service area.​

    • The destination is outside of the service area.

    • Other situations may qualify with approval.



Approved Trips:

  • Medical and Health Services

    • Doctor's Office - Health Clinic - Hospital - Dental - Vision

  • Mental Health Services

    • Counseling - Therapy - Recovery Programs

  • Nutrition and Medicine

    • Grocery Stores - Food Pantries - Pharmacies

  • Other Health and Wellness Trips

    • Contact us with specific information about your trip.

How to Apply:

Download and complete the application  ennyr@brag.utah.govContact Jenny Rodriguez at Bear River Association of Governments to apply for program at 435-713-1449 or submit an assistance request .



Thank you to our generous donors for providing funding to assist with these important trips for our community members.

  • Cache Valley Transit District (CVTD)

  • Utah Division of Aging and Adult Services

  • Schreiber Foods

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