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Programa de vales de movilidad Lifeline 2024


  • Mailing/Office Address: BRAG, Attn. Voucher Program, 170 North Main Street Logan, UT 84321

  • Mobility Specialist: Jenny Rodriguez | (435) 713-1449 |

  • Mobility Manager: Alyssa Cronin | (435) 713-1427 |


The Lifeline Mobility Voucher Program assists seniors, persons with disabilities, and low income households with transportation by providing drivers a mileage reimbursement of $0.60 per mile for qualified trips. Qualified trips include medical services, mental health services, pharmaceutical, nutrition, community services, education, and employment when public transportation is not available. Participants find volunteer driver(s), drive themselves, or use an approved provider. BRAG is able to provide this program due to the funding and support provided by the Cache Valley Transit District and the Utah Department of Transportation.  We thank them for their support!


Program eligibility is determined by meeting all four criteria:

1.      Applicant is a resident of Box Elder, Cache, or Rich County.

2.      Applicant is either unable to drive -or- cannot afford driving expenses.

3.      Applicant is unable to use public transit to one or more qualified destinations.

4.      Applicant has a disability, is 60+ years old, or meets the income guideline.

Income qualification for the program starts at $1823 net income per month for a household of one and increases $643 per additional household member. Some expenses may qualify to be deducted from a households net income to qualify for the program. Contact the Mobility Manager for additional details.


Fill out and submit an application with documentation verifying low income, disability, or senior status.  Paper applications are available upon request. Only one verification document is required. Review the list of acceptable documents for examples.

  • Low Income Verification – Proof of household income with paystubs from the last month or the most recent 1040 tax document. Required with reapplications.

  • Disability Verification – Legal or medical documentation corroborating disability. Examples include: a note from a medical or mental health professional or an SSI eligibility letter/payment. Required with reapplication. Short term disability verification must include expected duration.

  • Senior Verification – Legal document or ID showing the applicant is 60+ years old. Examples include: state identification or birth certificate.  Currently, applications that used senior verification do not need to submit a new verification document when reapplying.

Approved applicants will need to complete a short intake and training session. Each year in January, clients must submit a new application and verification to remain on the program.


Miles are awarded during the client intake process based on need yearly. Prorated amounts are awarded to participants approved mid-year or with a short term disability. Each client starts with a 600-mile reimbursement limit. This limit may be increased up to an additional 2,400 miles (200 per month) for a maximum of 3,000 miles based on need and funding.


Clients not awarded the maximum may request additional funds if their transportation needs change. Multiple destination trips (ex: combining a doctor appointment and a pharmacy stop) are encouraged and lower a participant’s risk of reaching their mile limit before the year ends.


Client selected drivers may receive $0.60 per mile in reimbursement on qualified trips. Qualified trips include medical services, mental health services, pharmaceutical, nutrition, community services, education, and employment when public transportation is not available. 

A driver must complete a Driver Reimbursement Form with a W9 to receive reimbursements. If the client has miles, there is no reimbursement limit. BRAG is not responsible for mileage that does not meet the above criteria. If you have any questions about trip eligibility, contact the Mobility Specialist prior to providing a ride.


Clients are responsible for driving, finding a volunteer willing to accept the vouchers, or registering with an approved provider. BRAG encourages participants to select trusted individuals who are legally licensed and insured as volunteers or to contact the Mobility Manager for information to register with a BRAG approved volunteer/provider.

A voucher needs to be completed for each trip that reimbursement is being requested and submitted monthly. Claiming reimbursement for multiple clients being transported together is permitted; however, separate vouchers reflecting each client’s origin and destinations need to be submitted.

Vouchers are due by the 3rd of the following month.  Digital vouchers can be submitted though the online form above. Paper vouchers are available upon request. Drivers should verify the information provided is complete and accurate. Failure to correctly fill out and submit vouchers on time may delay reimbursement or void the voucher.

BRAG issues reimbursement checks once a month to drivers within 4 weeks of the due date. When paper vouchers are used, new vouchers will be mailed directly to the drivers with their check along with a prepaid postage envelope. Additional paper vouchers are available upon request.


Funding and support for this program is provided by:

  • Bear River Association of Governments

  • Cache Valley Transit District

  • Utah Department of Transportation

Contact Alyssa Cronin if you are interested in being a sponsor or program partner.

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