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Bear River Regional Access and Mobility Council


Formed in September of 2012, the primary role of the Bear River Regional Access and Mobility Council is improve access and mobility for persons with disabilities, seniors, and low income residents in Box Elder, Cache, and Rich County's.  The council does this through:


  • Striving to develop, implement, and provide guidance for the coordination of community transportation services and information within the region;

  • Guiding, assisting, and monitoring the efforts of mobility management team which strives to facilitate human service transportation coordination in the region;

  • Working together with councils from other regions to help promote coordination; and 

  • Providing feedback to governmental agencies and other organizations  relative to human service transportation coordination policies and practices.

The council currently includes the following organizations and agencies: ​

  • Cache Employment and Training Center (CETC)

  • Options for Independence

  • USU Stride Services

  • Disability Law Center

  • Life-Skills and Individual Needs Center (LINC)

  • Common Ground

  • Cache Valley Transit District

  • Cache County Senior Center

  • Brigham City Senior Center

  • Bear River Valley Senior Center

  • Rich County Senior Center

  • Logan City

  • Cache Metropolitan Planning Organization

  • Bear River Association of Governments (BRAG)

Drake Rasmussen (Stride Services)

Sandy Smith (Cache Employment & Training Center)

Facilitation - Staff
Alyssa Cronin (BRAG)

Community Outreach Committee
Alyssa Cronin (BRAG)
Tara Contreras
Todd Beutler (CVTD)

Education and Policy Committee
Christy Allen (UTA)
Drake Rasmussen (Stride Services)
Natalie Tippets
Richard Baer
Sandra Smith

Projects and Planning Committee

Alyssa Cronin
Dave Compton
Matt McEdwan
Richard Baer
Sheri Newton
Tara Contreras
Todd Beutler

*Funding for staff for the Bear River Regional Access and Mobility Council is provided by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) through the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) via the Public Transit Team (PTT).

Contact Information:

BRAG Mobility Management

170 N. Main

Logan, UT 84321


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