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Lifeline Voucher Program

The goal of the Lifeline Voucher Program is to improve access to crucial goods and services in our communities. The program provides vouchers reimbursing drivers $0.60 a mile for approved trips making them more affordable.

Individual Qualifications

  • Applicant lives in a low-income household, has a disability, or is 60+ years old.

  • Applicant lives in Box Elder, Cache, or Rich Counties.

  • Bus services is unavailable for trips because:

    • Individual lives outside of the service area.​

    • Trip destination is outside of the service area.

    • Trip is necessary outside of hours of operation.

    • Other situations may qualify with approval.

Approved Destinations

The following are the approved categories with example destinations:

  • Medical and Health Services

    • Doctor's Office - Health Clinic - Hospital - Dental - Vision

  • Mental Health Services

    • Counseling - Therapy - Recovery Programs​

  • Nutrition and Medicine

    • Grocery Stores - Food Pantries - Pharmacies

  • Community Services

    • BRAG - CAPSA - CRIC - CVVA - DRC - Senior Center, The Family Place, Other Services

  • Education

    • Day Programs - Technical School - Training - University

  • Employment

    • DWS - Job Search - Work

How to Apply

Applicants will need to complete and submit and application along with one documentation verifying low income, disability, or senior status. Only one document type is required.

Low Income Verification – Proof of household income with paystubs from the last month or the most recent 1040 tax document.

Disability Verification – Legal or medical documentation
corroborating disability. Examples include: a note from a medical or mental health professional or an SSI eligibility letter/payment. Short term disability verification must include expected duration.

Senior Verification – Legal document or ID showing the applicant is 60+ years old. Examples include: state identification or birth certificate.

Digital applications can be submitted online:

The program has a $600 cap per driver that is removable if a driver fills out a W9.

Paper applications and W9 forms are available in the BRAG office at 170 N Main in Logan or can be requested via mailContact Jenny Rodriguez for questions and application assistance.

Program Partners and Sponsors:

Thank you to the partners, sponsors, and one time donors that make this program possible:

  • Bear River Association of Governments (BRAG)

  • Cache Valley Transit District (CVTD)

  • Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT)

Contact Alyssa Cronin if you are interested in being a sponsor or program partner.

Phone: 435-713-1427  |  Email:

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